Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to touch base to talk about what makes us different from your other faceless jewellery companies.

We are a small business that cares about you and your creation, and we work together to create something truly unique to you. We source the best ethical gemstones from around the world, whether that’s an Australian Sapphire in beautiful blues and greens from our favourite miner/cutter Cobblestone Gems in Sapphire, Queensland, or something a bit different from Caleb B. Quashen International, who bring us ethically sourced obscure gems & fine jewels.

We only work with people who can prove how they define ethical, what that means to them and why it counts in a world where the environment and the people are often the last thought and profits are all important.

All our precious metals are sourced in New Zealand and are made using approx. 50% recycled metal with the rest sourced from mines throughout the country. This makes every piece a true part of New Zealand and we here at JBDNZ think that’s pretty cool.

Talking about our process, we handmade or custom design every single piece we create, whether that be one of our stock pieces or a custom creation. For our custom creations we sit down and go through the whole process with you; giving you the creative freedom to design it how you want, from what type of stones you want through to colour, shape, size and finish. We even provide a Make Your Own service where you can make your piece yourself, if that’s something you enjoy. Or, if you’d rather, you can give us permission to create you something beautiful from our imagination.

By choosing Jewellery By Design NZ you’re choosing to support a local jeweller who cares about you and your creation.

Let us make something special for you.

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  • Joanne McDougall

    Joanne McDougall

    December 13, 2021

    Great service – stone chosen to complement my late Mother’s eternity ring. I prefer modern design, but my Mum’s ring is traditional. Charlie was able to adapt one of his designs to fit so I can finally wear it in memory of her. Knows his stuff – what is and is not possible – or advisable due expense…………………

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