I love making your wedding rings, engagement rings, bracelets or necklaces, but have you ever wanted to make jewellery with your own two hands.


Come to Jewellery By Design NZ and be one of the few that can say they made their own rings, bangle or necklace, This bespoke service allows you and /or your partner to come and create something truly beautiful. With a lovely selection of stones, metals and other components available.


 We will work through the whole process together from idea to the ring on your finger, we will also creating a video to capture these memories forever and the jewellery that you can pass on to the next generation. 


The whole process takes approx 4-9 hours depending on your level of skill and the style of jewellery you wish to create. We offer this service in both gold and silver 


Base priced starting at is $750 plus materials.



Examples of the Make your Own Service

Examples of the Make your Own Service