A lot of us have jewellery sitting in a box gathering dust or have had grandmother's engagement ring handed down that we just don't quite love enough to wear, or maybe you have had a change of taste or circumstances and want a new start. 
We can take your old jewellery and give it new life. Make you something that will last for years to come and something you could hand down. 
We start with a consultation where you will bring all your ideas and old jewellery to our studio in Christchurch.
We go over everything you want out of your old pieces.
Then our jeweller, Charlie, will put all your ideas together and help you decide the best piece or pieces to transform your old jewellery into.
Once we have confirmed your new design, the next part is our favourite. We get to creating your new work, keeping you up to date on the whole process and our progress. 
You get to be involved every step of the way!
Below are some examples of our past remodel transformations. 
If this sounds like something you are interested in please fill in the form below.